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Terraforma Festival 2021 (3DAYS + CAMP)

JUL 2 2021

Parco di Villa Arconati, Castellazzo di Bollate (MI) - via Madonna Fametta, sna

Biglietti Terraforma Festival 2021  - Parco Villa Arconati Bollate Milano

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Terraforma Festival 2021 (3DAYS + CAMP)

Terraforma Festival 2021 - Parco di Villa Arconati - FAR (Castellazzo di Bollate - Milano).

***Dear Terraformers, due to the current unpredictable circumstances, we've decided to temporarily put on hold ticket sales for TF2021. All tickets purchased so far remain valid. We will keep you updated and do our best to make the festival happen.Thanks for your support and understanding.***

Terraforma is an international music festival dedicated to artistic experimentation and sustainability. The three days event takes place since 2014 in the garden of Villa Arconati, near Milan. The artists range from early innovators and genre precursors to young and promising talents of the experimental music scene, defined for an ever evolving approach to active and creative research. Choosing sustainability as the festival’s modus operandi, through the maintenance of Villa Arconati’s park, the aim is to discover new sustainable resources and to reduce the environmental impact.On sale now: First Release (3DAYS + CAMP)

Buy the ticket online with credit card or prepaid card and you will receive it via email.

Acquista l'abbonamento online con carta di credito o prepagata e lo ricevi via email oppure prenota e paga nei i Punti SisalPay (bar, tabacchi, edicole in tutta Italia).

Organizzatore: Threes Productions srl,
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